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Cambridge Pickleball Club is Extremely Excited to Announce an Expanded Play Schedule through the end of August 2024

As of August 30, 2023, we are thrilled to enhance Cambridge Pickleball Club confirmed play schedule right through until the end of August 2024.

In other words, we have dates locked for the next year! And we may add more if needed and if funds are available.

We are adding more dates to play each week to accommodate our growing membership and we will continue to do so as we grow.

Please look at our events schedule for details of exact dates and locations throughout the year upcoming. Note that I have not yet removed individual school or church holidays from the schedule. This will be done shortly.

Our locations have expanded from Temple Baptist Church to now include St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School in the Southeast side of Cambridge, and St. Augustine Catholic School in the West Galt portion of Cambridge.

Unfortunately we have found no available locations in Preston at this point. We will continue to search.

We are also continuing to explore opportunities at both the Cambridge Catholic and Public Secondary schools as well as digging in to see if Conestoga College has rentable spaces as well. The now have a multiple campuses in Cambridge. I dont know the situation yet, nor even if those campuses have gyms,

All current booked facilities have 3 full size pickleball / badminton courts. Posts are at each location and we bring the pickleball nets to each location. For now we will order 3 nets only due to cashflow and we will haul them around.

If we find out we can leave them at a school, pending the cash folow at the time we will order 3 more.


Our weekly open play grows from just Tuesday and Thursdays, to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, starting at the beginning of October. 

Additionally also will have one additional special session Tuesday per month, for a tournament, or clinics

We are doing everything we can to provide our members a great pickleball experience.

Therefore members are currently entitled to play in as many of our sessions as possible.

We have to serve our members overall, we realize that we cannot keep everyone happy with any schedule we come up with. If there is a night or two that you are busy, even if it’s each week, so be it. With about 80 members now, we won’t be able to satisfy everyone.

To also provide a good experience for members that come out,

we will have to cap the number of people that can attend on an evening at 20 people. If we find up ther are no shows

Out booking system  is ready and will be activated sometime during the first two weeks of September.More details about that will be released as finalized. We have to determine how many sessions a member can prebook and how far in advance the schedule will open.

I have tried to explain everything the best i can.
See you in September.

Patrick Batty, President, Cambridge Pickleball Club

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