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Our Facilities

Our facilites are:

Temple Baptist Church

400 Holiday Inn Dr, Cambridge, ON N3C 3T1
That’s at the corner of Franklin Blvd. and Holiday Inn Dr. in Cambridge.
Enter off of Holiday In. Dr.
There are just one block north of Highway 401.

St. Augustine Catholic School

177 Bismark Dr, Cambridge, ON N1S 4Y2

This school is in West Galt. On Bismark, just west of Blair Rd. (easy access coming on Blair, or North on George St. from Parkhill Rd. etc.

In January 2024 we add yet another new facility.

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School

30 Faial Rd, Cambridge, ON N1R 7C3

We continue to look for an available facility in Preston.

It’s important to not that we are a non-denominational as well as an inclusive community club
Absolutely everyone is welcome

These photos are from our first location: Temple Baptist Church.

We are also looking to schedule outdoor play as well, in Spring 2024

3 Full Size Indoor Pickleball Courts
3 Full Size Indoor Pickleball Courts

This gym is huge. It’s bright, well lit, and has a smooth but not slippery vinyl laminate floor.

Viewing Stand
Viewing Stand

There is a seating area / viewing stand in the middle of the 3 courts.
Bright, clean restrooms are on either side of this area.

Welcoming Lobby
Welcoming Lobby

The Lobby is also a bright welcoming entrance to this lovely building.