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Monthly Update – October 2023

Another month has quickly gone by, and we are now well into our autumn 2023 season.

We’ve been busy, both playing, and doing our best to improve our club for our members.

Our membership has continued to grow and as of Oct. 8, we are now at 140 members. It is truly exciting how many people are coming out and enjoying pickleball here at our club.

Due to the increase in membership we expanded our our sessions to 3 per week. See Schedule for details.

We also implemented a reservation system for people to book and purchase their sessions, and to limit our sessions to the number of people in attendance at each session. We with to think Barb Morlock for all the work she put in to set up the reservation system. I also want to thank all of the other Board Members and Club Executives for the many hours we have put in as volunteers to build and improve our club.

We continue to offer a brief Beginner Intro session on Thursday evenings.

As well, we are now introducing a fee based, 2 hour Beginner Clinic that goes over everything a new player needs to really get started properly, have fun, play safely, and come out to our sessions with the confidence to join in with others.
Please see our schedule for details.

We have applied for a federal grant to help build out and grow our club for various factions of the community.
More detail on this will be sent out later.

Let’s Play Pickleball
Patrick Batty,
Founder, President, and Certified NCCP Level 1 Coach

2 thoughts on “Monthly Update – October 2023”

  1. Hello
    I have a Group of 8 friends who are interested in playing pickle ball. 60 to 69 of age. We would only be able to play in the evenings. Is it possible to book time a week ahead?
    I’ve been nominated to gather as much info as I can so welcome your response on what would be required to join your group would be greatly appreciated.

    Ron Paddock

    1. Hi Ron. Welcome.
      We have open play sessions and yes, you can book in advance.
      Our sessions are “Open Play” however, which means players will move around and play others at the session.

      The amount of court time we have on a weekly basis, does not allow up to take private group bookings however.

      Many of our players are in your age group btw.

      If you are interested, you can see sessions and book on our calendar. We allow people to book as a guest one time only, and then they can decide if they want to join.

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