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Join Cambridge Pickleball Club

Cambridge Pickleball Club the Waterloo Region’s only Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Ontario affiliated club.

Therefore you can just click on the Pickleball Canada image below, and it will take you to the Cambridge Pickleball Club Page on their site. When you join, you will be joining all three entities, Cambridge Pickleball Club, Pickleball Ontario, and Pickleball Canada. (Total Fees for the 3 are only $35). To make it simple, all major credit cards and debit cards are supported.

Important Note: If you are already a member of Pickleball Canada, you can just login to your account and ADD Cambridge Pickleball Club to your membership.

Please Note: Due to Incredibly Rapid Expansion of Our Membership, we have capped Membership until we have additional facilities in January 2024.
This helps us properly serve our current members.
If you click the JOIN LINK you can be added to a WAITLIST until spots open up.

Click Here or on the Image below to Join
Pickleball Canada Join Now

We look forward to welcoming you to our club! Let’s play some Pickleball.