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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are Your Pickleball Club Located in Cambridge?

    We are a virtual Club. That means our locations will change and be expanded over time.
    Our first facility is a wonderful new gymnasium at Temple Baptist Church.
    Our second facility is at St. Augustine’s Catholic School in West Galt.
    We will be adding additional facilities as required.
    Our members also frequently play at some of the outdoor courts that are sprinkled around Cambridge, and we hope to work alongside the city to improve the conditions of those courts.

  • When Do You Play?

    Our current court times are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 PM to 9 PM

  • I’m New to Pickleball. Will I fit in?

    We happily take in new players. We will give you a brief intro clinic on one court on Thursday evenings as part of your court fee.
    If you have never played before, we request you start on a Thursday evening.

    We also are offering fee based, Monthly 2 Hour Beginner Clinics
    Please check out Schedule and Reservation page for details

  • I’m pretty advanced. Will I fit in?

    We have a number of highly skilled players ranked 3.5 and above.
    You will have plenty of time to play them but we also want you to play our other members in a social manner.
    For everyone enjoyment, we have broken our nights into:
    Open Play / All Skill Levels – Mondays
    Advanced / Intermediate – Tuesdays
    Beginner / Intermediate – Thursdays
    See our complete schedule for details.

  • Will You have Lessons?

    We offer a monthly fee based, 2 Hour Beginner Clinic.
    See schedule for details.

  • What Age Limit Can Play?

    We limit our membership to those 18 and above.
    Currently, this is a Pickleball Canada policy.
    Eventually. however, we hope to start a Junior program that will not be part of our club.

  • What Equipment Do I Need.

    You will need comfortable clothing that offers easy movement.

    You must wear non marking athletic shoes. We recommend shoes called “court” shoes.

    They are marketed for badminton, tennis, or pickleball. There are many brands.
    We absolutely do not recommend running shoes. They are not meant for the side to side movement that is a significant part of pickleball play.

    Our club usually has a few loaner paddles for visitors or people just checking out the sport.

    Occasionally we have occasionally used demo paddles for sale at a discount or Patrick will happily give you some recommendations. In our 2 Hour clinics we bring a wide range of paddles for you to check out.

    There are many ok paddles for about $40 or $50 on Amazon. They are fine, especially if you aren’t sure you will like pickleball or don’t have a clue about what you’d like, but they aren’t what I’d call really good.

    I personally feel buying one going into about $100 – $140 price range you will get a paddle you will likely stay with for much, much longer and will give you great service and value. Feel free to ask for advice or try out some member paddles. In that price range you can usually get a paddle with a Raw Carbon Fibre face, which is current paddle technology and offers you the ability to put some spin on the ball to better control it.

    Selkirk is an industry leader and has paddles from about $80 to the $500 range.
    We have no discount on them, but it’s a good brand.

    Six Zero is the company that Patrick plays, and has discount codes for. They ship from US but shipping is free and there is no duty on a single paddle.They range from about $125 to $$250. They are some of the most demanded paddles in the world so stock sometimes is low. But they are wonderful and I think good value. You can see more about those paddles on Patrick’s news site: Pickleball Today

    There are some nice Canadian brands, Poach, Combat, Brickhouse. You can find them online.
    Most online retailers in Canada ship for free on orders above $100.

    The only local store options are Canadian Tire and Sportchek. They offer a variety from about $75 to $180. Head is one of the brands they usually stock. There are a wide range of price points. They have sales quite often.

    Eventually our club will be sponsored by a big brand and we’ll be able to offer more deals.

    If in doubt or confused about paddles just ask.

  • Do You Allow Guests?

    Yes, we allow guests to come and either view a session or play a session.
    If one plays, our guest fee is $10.
    Based on our insurance and Pickleball Canada regulations, guests may only play one time.
    Thereafter, if they want to play, they would have to Join the Club.