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Final Launch Checklist Complete

all systems go 1

After months of work and a checklist of about 400 items to build a pickleball club in Cambridge from scratch, I am excited to say that the Cambridge Pickleball Club is ready for launch.

Some very last minute items I took care of in the last couple days have been:

Final Launch Checklist

Final Launch Checklist – Cambridge Pickleball Club

  • Grab a gear bag for all club equipment  – done
  • Pickup a dozen quality indoor balls. – done
  • Pickup a high qualify First Aid Kit – done  (unfortunately sometimes people fall or skin themselves. Although we are not medical professionals, we have what we need for minor cuts and scrapes.)
  • printed off waiver forms for guests to sign. These will be the same forms all club members have signed through the Pickleball Canada website. – done
  • sent out invitation to executive for quick meeting in advance of session – done
  • Ordered a wireless credit card / debit card processing machine for when people want to pay at the door. – done, however we haven’t received it yet.

The final thing we need to do after the launch (on Wednesday) will be to open our actual bank account. We already have registered and incorporated the organization as a non profit club. The bank account wasn’t critical in advance of the Tuesday session, as all registration fees are being held by Pickleball Canada anyway and we can transfer them to our bank account when needed after it has opened. This method means fewer bank transaction fees.

The major to-do item in the near future, is to finalize the ONLINE REGISTRATION PAGE AND SYSTEM.
We have started the setup. We will be using Active Communities. It’s the same system most communities are using in Canada and the US for event registration. It makes it very easy to book and pay.

Again we’ve started the setup process and will finalize it all once the bank account is opened up. This will enable us to process people and track registrations in advance of them coming, and also to potentially limit participants on given nights should our Open Play sessions get too crowded.

So here we go.  The Final Launch Checklist is complete for the Cambridge Pickleball Club and the work is gone

Let’s Play Pickleball
Patrick Batty
Cambridge Pickleball Club

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