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Fantastic Opening Night for Cambridge Pickleball Club

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Cambridge Pickleball Club held it’s Opening Night on July 4, 2023.

I’m really excited to say our night absolutely went off without a hitch

It really was a Fantastic Opening Night.

cambidge pickleball club

Of the 38 members that had joined the club before tonight we had 13 come out and 3 guests.
Which ended up to be a perfect about for our a facility like hours.

We feel we can comfortably accommodate between around 20 – 22 people each night, but having 16 in total meant there was really no wait for courts and everybody played as much as they wanted to. You just sat for a minute or two between games for a breather and a court would become available.

One of our members gave an intro session to some people that classified themselves as beginners for about 30 minutes. He does similar on cruise ships quite regularly so he had a great 30 minute intro already prepared.

I checked them out and I was impressed with the people that thought they were beginners. They were all quite good

While that was going on, on court 1, over on courts 2 and 3 the other folks just started typical and friendly open court play.

After the intro on court 1 we switched it over to open play and everyone integrated extremely.

At the end of the night we had a lot of happy people that said how good the facilities were and how nice it was to actually have a club here in Cambridge, Ontario.

Of the 3 guests, 2 of them mentioned they would join the club before the next session.

Also, a number of members purchased court pass books to help put funds i the coffers to pay the rent and expenses associated with opening the club.

All round I really did think it as a fantastic success. We met a lot of extremely enthusiastic and friendly people, had a great time and played a lot of pickleball.

And the cool thing is, we get to do it again on Thursday night as well.

Patrick Batty
President and Founder
Cambridge Pickleball Club.

2 thoughts on “Fantastic Opening Night for Cambridge Pickleball Club”

  1. Hey Patrick this looks awesome wishing you much success, it may just give me more reason to pack up sell my house in Toronto and move!!!!

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