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Changes in our Board

As we move into December, I have had to adapt to some changes in life, and have thus resigned from the role of President of Cambridge Pickleball Club.

Our board is in place and they will provide updates going forward.

My wife’s health is a serious concern right now, and I need to back away from the time commitment of running the club.
And now that the club is thriving, I can leave that in good hands with others.

I remain a member of the club, and will continue to play at the club going forward.
I also will continue to conduct clinics when the club when the club wants them.
For those that wish to keep in contact with me, my Facebook Profile is Patrick Batty

My Pickleball News Site is Pickleball Today
I have many pickleball paddles avaialble for sale at a considerable discount so feel free to reach out. You are also welcome to email me at

Aaron Gooding has stepped up as the Acting President until further plans are clarified.

Thank you to all the volunteers that have helped build the club to the point it’s and, and best wishes going forward.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays to everyone.
Patrick Batty – Founder
Cambridge Pickleball Club

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